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kids karaoke party - themed party ideas for children in London

This is the ideal event for adventurous kids with stars in their eyes, aspiring to be the next Adele or Justin Bieber. Who knows, you could have the next mega star living with you.

The option of our krazy kids karaoke party plus disco is becoming more and more popular … So why not go the whole hog and have an X- Factor Theme Party.

You can have your own acts and your own judging panel. And of course the party continues after the show with dancing at the end !

X ~ Factor Karaoke

The easiest decision ever - it's a 100% yes from me
You're right up my street - 100% yes !
You're like a little Adele and you're very likeable - 100% yes
I can't believe you are only 10 - fantastic - 100% yes !

Book Now ~ It’s Dead Easy !

Just hire one of our professional kids karaoke presenters and his top of the range karaoke equipment. With our vast collection of karaoke tracks from all eras, whatever your age, you can sing your heart out to all your favourite tunes.

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